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Arts And Crafts Industries Furniture

arts and crafts industries furniture

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arts and crafts industries furniture - American Furniture

American Furniture Craftsmen Working Prior to 1920: An Annotated Bibliography (Art Reference Collection)

American Furniture Craftsmen Working Prior to 1920: An Annotated Bibliography (Art Reference Collection)

The materials included in this bibliography focus on the craftsmen responsible for the creation of fine furniture. Works that give biographical information about furniture craftsmen and discuss the stylistic and aesthetic development of their art; works that examine the sociological, political, economic and environmental conditions within which furniture craftsmen worked, as well as furniture factories and furniture retail businesses themselves; and general works useful in the study of American furniture are cited. The bibliography consists of four main sections, the first of which deals with the life and work of individual furniture makers and designers. The second section focuses on groups of furniture craftsmen. Works of a general nature that contribute to the study of American furniture are found in section three. The fourth section contains furniture trade catalogs published by manufacturers and wholesalers for salesmen and retail stores. A two-part appendix lists furniture trade periodicals published mainly during the years 1880-1930, and manuscript repositories containing materials relevant to furniture. Three indexes--craftsman, author-title, and subject complete the volume.

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View of part of the industry in Grangemouth. Central Scotland.

Grangemouth refinery is a mature complex oil refinery located on the Firth of Forth in Grangemouth, Scotland. Currently operated by Ineos, it is Scotland's only oil refinery (one of nine in the UK), and is also the UK's second-oldest; it supplies refined products to customers in Scotland, northern England, Northern Ireland, as well as occasionally further afield.

Grangemouth Refinery commenced operation in 1924 as Scottish Oils, owned by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company which in turn was a forerunner of British Petroleum (later BP). Its location was made ideal by the adjacent Grangemouth Docks which supported the import by ship of Middle East crude oils for processing, plus the cheap availability of large areas of reclaimed flat land.
The refinery was forced to shut down between 1939 and 1946 by World War II and the resulting drying up of crude feedstock imports. When operations recommenced in 1946, the refinery underwent a number of major expansion programmes, including the building of an adjacent petrochemicals complex to process some of the refinery waste and byproduct streams.
In 1954 the refinery was connected to the Finnart Ocean terminal at Loch Long on the west coast of Scotland by a 58-mile pipeline, to allow the import of crudes via deep-water jetty, which supported the use of larger oil tankers. Later on in the century a second line was also installed to allow the direct supply of finished refinery products to the Finnart terminal, primarily for export to markets in Northern Ireland.
In the 1960s, a pilot "proteins-from-oil" production facility was built at the refinery. It used British Petroleum's technology for feeding n-paraffins to yeast, in order to produce single cell protein for poultry and cattle feed.
In 1975 the discovery of North Sea Oil brought the commissioning of the Kinneil Crude Oil Stabilisation terminal, which connected directly into the BP Forties pipeline system; this plant serves to stabilise Forties Crude oil for either export to third-parties or feeding into the Refinery, and allowed the processing of North Sea oil as part of the refinery crude 'slate' of feedstocks.
One of the refinery's biggest accidents happened at 7 am on Sunday 22 March 1987 when the unit's hydrocracker exploded. The resulting vibrations and noise could be heard up to 30 km away. The resulting fire burned for most of the day.
In 2005 the refinery and connected petrochemicals complex (excluding the Kinneil terminal) was put on the market by BP as part of the Innovene sale, this company being made up of all of BP's petrochemicals plants and businesses. Innovene was eventually purchased by INEOS, a privately-owned chemicals company.

The Grangemouth Refinery is a major landmark, with its numerous gas flares and cooling towers visible across a wide area of the Scottish Lowlands.
The refinery has a 'nameplate' capacity for processing 210,000 barrels of crude oil daily. It currently employs about 1,200 permanent staff, and a further 1,000 contractors.
It processed approximately 400,000 tonnes of imported crude oil annually until the end of the Second World War, and subsequent expansion programmes have increased refining capacity to an excess of 10 million tonnes per year.
The BP-owned North Sea Forties pipeline system terminates at the Kinneil processing facility, and surplus crude is exported via pipeline to an oil depot downstream on the Firth of Forth, and subsequently shipped out from the jetties at the Hound Point loading terminal onto oil tankers suitable for the shallow water of the Forth.



Orville Fisher, Paul Goranson and E.J. Hughes.
This two-piece mural shows dockyard and railways workers in Vancouver's harbour,

BC Archives PDP02285 and PDP02286"
(9191 x 2686)

arts and crafts industries furniture

arts and crafts industries furniture

Arts & Crafts 914472 Mission Dining Table

Table Leaf:2 Leaves - 21' Wide Each The Arts & Crafts Industries, Mission, Rectangular Dining Table features a 1' face glued solid oak top. Table expands to 110' (10' 2') when both leaves are in place Expansion leaves are self-storing and hide underneath the tabletop when not in use Trestle base uses authentic mortise and tenon construction to provide simple, yet functional support to this Arts & Crafts Industries piece of furniture Equalized hard wood slides allow easy open and close Table base design allows the Arts & Crafts Industries dining chairs to pull up completely underneath the tabletop

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